I worked closely with Prosound to utilize their existing branding and to build upon it. Due to the fact that they work with multiple company brands, I had to ensure that all designs followed not only the Prosound brand guidelines, but also those of their products.

Work for Prosound includes updating and maintaining their website, maintaining their social media pages and designing all of their print media. Their Facebook likes went up from 3 000 to nearly 11 000 in the year that I have maintained it.

I redesigned their company prospectus, which was outdated and was a major endeavour. I have designed multiple flyers, banners and brochures for different events.

I also designed the vehicle wrapping for their entire fleet, adapting the design for each specific vehicle.


Graphic Design, Social Media, Website Design, Website Maintenance


Prosound website
Prosound prospectus
Prosound vehicle branding

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