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Oh So Exciting

Oh So Exciting were one of my very first clients when I started Amy Harmz Design. I have created various different elements over the years, including their logo and overall branding.

The first designs I did were for the Activity Box for Babies and Toddlers. These designs included flipcharts, posters, a manual, box design and baby illustrations. I also proofread all of the text in order to ensure proper spelling and grammar was used.

I then created the Oh So Exciting website using HTML and CSS. I have updated this website over the years as requested.

It was then time for the Activity Box for Preschoolers. As with the original Activity Box, I created the designs for the flipcharts, manual, box and illustrations.

I am currently busy with the design of Afrikaans Phonics Cards for Oh So Exciting, illustrated by Cherene Fordyce, and these will be available soon.

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